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This week we’ll look at a great wine shop in Scottsdale, AZ and sneak in a very special restaurant that’s ever so good.

As I mentioned in my original post, a passion for me as I roam the country is to discover great wine shops, meet the owner or manager and more often than not converse about great wines or the latest and greatest new winery to have entered the always competitive world of wine. A year or two ago, while on business in Scottsdale AZ with a colleague, who shares equal passion for the discovery of these great little wine gems of life, we happened upon the discovery of the trip. AZ Wine Company, just off N Scottsdale Road, is one of those special gems. Tucked away in a small strip mall, this very unique little shop is packed with rows of stainless steel racks displaying a wide variety – 20,000 bottles of wines from all parts of the world. We didn’t spend much time in the shop, but instead hurried to the restaurant adjoining the wine shop (back to this later). Days later I could still picture the shop and couldn’t seem to remove it from my mind. On a later trip I returned to further explore. Well, learn I did. They offer great values and a friendly staff that, in a non-pushy way, loves to entice its shoppers to explore “something new and different”. AZ is really a special place. What impressed me from the beginning was their worldly wine knowledge. Whether, U.S., Spain, New Zealand or all points in between this staff had a great handle on the best of the country, regardless of the country. Equally important, they could point to the great value from most parts of the world. My guess is their regular clients are never pointed in the wrong direction. I will return to AZ often and you should as well, if you live in Arizona or if your travels take you there.

Now for the surprise, as mentioned above. If you’re so inclined, treat yourself to dinner a few steps away through the doorway to Atlas Bistro BYO. This little bistro has big taste. Chefs Joshua Reisner and Keenan Bosworth lead the way through a small but very awesome menu. Today – begin with Halibut Cheeks with Cheddar Polenta, Spanish Chorizo and Bob’s Rainbow Chard. Follow this with Sonoma Lamb Loin with Bacon Lentils, Maya’s Mizuna, Pistachios and Cherry Sauce. These two talented chefs emerge nightly with food to satisfy the most discriminating of the foodie crowd. Do yourself a favor. The next time in Scottsdale put Atlas Bistro BYO on your list. Oh, and a reservation well in advance is suggested. Arrive early and leave plenty of time to browse those 20,00 bottles in AZ Wine Company next door. Grab a bottle and enjoy a memorable dinner. Your corkage fee at Atlas is $10.

Contact Information:

AZ Wine Company
2515 N. Scottsdale Rd.
# 15
Scottsdale, AZ 85257

Atlas Bistro BYO
2515 N Scottsdale Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85257
480.990.2433 (chef)


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