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Tucked away in the mountains of Western North Carolina and a short drive from Asheville , NC (25 miles) is the  quaint town of Waynesville.  A small, upscale paradise of shops, eateries and galleries.   Travelers come for a weekend visit or for a brief stop  on their way to the vast outdoor playground of The Great Smokey Mountains that straddle the North Carolina Tennessee border

If you’re a wine nut and foodie,  a must stop is The Classic Wine Seller on Church Street.  Billed as Purveyors of Fine Wine, Cheese and Cigars,  this little find has an extremely well-selected inventory of great wine.  Many Old World and California  choices top the list of quality wines, but with a heavy dose of  Bordeaux.  There is also a really nice choice of large formats, mostly from California.   You can actually find a 1.5 liter bottle of 1987 Silver Oak, Bonny’s Vineyard for $250.  That’s a collectors gem.  And, it’s when Silver Oak still produced top quality wines.  Recent vintages and since the departure of Justin Myer have not shown such consistent quality.

The shop’s owner, Richard Miller, has spent a career of  sourcing and providing fine wine for his clients.  Richard is well versed in wine knowledge from around the world.  A view of his shop lets you know quickly Richard is meticulous about selecting his  inventory.

I would recommend a visit to The Classic Wine Seller for anyone who may be passing through this quaint little town.

Two  doors away from The Classic Wine Seller , next to the shared courtyard,  you’ll find Chef’s Table Restaurant formerly owned by Richard Miller, but since sold to Chef, owner Josh Monroe.  Eat here, or you’ll forever wish you had.    Josh, classically French trained, is a talented young chef who adds his own creative flare to his French background.  He enjoys the fusion of French and Northern Italian with a touch of Asian influence.  His blending of these three gastro cultures shows well in his pasta and always fresh fish entrees.  Check out the Pan Fried Grouper Picata with Risotto and Spinach or the house made Gnocchi made fresh daily when offered as an entrée.

You’ll find an award-winning wine list of 300+ bottles at Chef’s Table or buy a bottle from The Classic Wine Seller and pay a very reasonable corkage fee of $10.

Chef’s table is open Monday through Saturday from 5pm.  Reservations are a must well in advance since the  capacity is 36 people.  It’s a small,  delightful and delicious.  Don’t miss this combination of fine wine and great food.


The Classic Wine Seller

20 Church Street

Waynesville, NC 28786




Chef’s Table

Chef Josh Monroe

30 Church Street

Waynesville, NC 28786




Next week – a review of www.acmefinewines.com , St Helena CA.


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Welcome to GreatWineShops.com,  I hope you’ll return often and  even subscribe to our new blog.

Why wine shops?  Well, to me a great wine shop is one of the most important necessities of life.  In fact,  having access to several is the wine geeks last requisite.   I travel on business often to all parts of our country and in past years even all parts of the world.  One of my evening passions, while away from home, is the discovery of new and unique wine shops.  Add to that the fact that while there is plenty written about wine, wineries, wine education, etc. and I try my best to read all, there is little written about wine shops and each shop personality (you wine nuts know exactly what I mean).  So, to fill that void, have a little fun and enjoyment and share some knowledge of these wonderful establishments, I decided to pen GreatWineShops.

Beginning this evening and several times a month after this… takes effect you may read profiles and fun facts of wine shops throughout the U.S. and from time to time other parts of the world as well.  I’ll talk about the shops unique qualities and sometimes those of the owner and/or certain employees.  I’ll discuss special promotions, difficult to source wines, dates of tastings and other tidbits I consider relevant.  Of course, I’ll offer all necessary contact information .  This blog is not intended to rate wine shops.  If  the shop in profiled on this site, it will be worthy of your time should you happen by.   So jump on board and learn about the many outstanding wine retailers in distant places and give a visit if ever you’re in said town.

Because this is my inaugural blog and an introduction of sorts, tonight I discuss only one wine shop.  In future posts, I’ll share thoughts and photos of two or three in different geographical locations.  Enjoy!

Pogo’s Wine Store on Lovers Lane at Inwood Village in Dallas, TX is a top wine shop in the U.S.

Number one reason – customer service and they have treated people well for 20 years.  Pogo’s  staff is knowledgeable and friendly.  I first happened in to Pogo’s about 3 years ago.   Just caught a glimpse of the store driving down Loves Lane, so I popped in and an hour  later I departed.  I knew then it was a special place.  First, and most important, the staff knows and shows its stuff.  They will guide you, based on your criteria, not theirs, to the wine you seek.  Next on the list, the store has the very best choice of wines.  You’ll find the best  of the high-end coupled with the best in value wines.   From Barbera to Zinfandel and all those in the middle  every varietal, every rating, every country and every region, their all there.

Today, as I write this inaugural blog,  Pogo’s has an in store tasting featuring wines that will make your palate dance in anticipation of the touch of anyone of these wines.  The line up:

2007 O’Shaughnessy Cab, Napa Howell Mountain RP 95 points (one of my personal favorites).

2007 l’Ecole No 41 Apogee Red Wine Pepper Bridge Vineyard, Walla Walla Valley WA RP 94 points.

2007 l’Ecole NO 41 Perigee Estate Seven Hills Vineyard Red Wine, Walla Walla Valley WA  RP 93 points.

2007 Beau Vigne Cab Juliet Napa Valley RP 93 points.

If only I had been in BIG “D” today.

Pogo’s Wine Store, 5360 West Lovers Lane, Dallas TX 75209, Ph 214.350.8989, email harris@pogoswine.com, http://www.pogoswine.com.

Pogo’s will be added to GreatWineShops.com directory.

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